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Introducing: Class Story

The easiest way to share classroom updates, moments and announcements with parents

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Share classroom moments with parents

Safely share the moments you've always wanted parents to see: projects, field trips, celebrations and more!

Effortlessly keep all parents in the loop

Say goodbye to making newsletters and class websites: instantly send updates and reminders to all parents with just one tap

One-way sharing you'll love

Only teachers can post on Class Story: parents can share their appreciation with 'Hearts'!

best365体育投注app“I'm so excited for something easier to use than a class website or newsletter! I love that I'll be able to just share an update, or snap a picture of students working together and share that home so easily!”

Tasia, a teacher in Chicago

Class Story is the story of your classroom

Start sharing your classroom story today by joining ClassDojo :)

best365体育投注app10,000+ 5-star reviews