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Remote Learning on ClassDojo

Classrooms and schools are communities. With more schools closing, we know keeping your community connected is more important than ever.

ClassDojo helps you instantly communicate and engage with all families and students, so you can keep building relationships while school is closed.

best365体育投注appIt is 100% free, and you can get set up in minutes.


best365体育投注appEverything you need to stay connected with students and families, wherever they are ❤️

Remote learning on ClassDojo

Send direct messages to families, share lessons or announcements, and assign classwork to students.

10 ideas for remote learning

best365体育投注appWe asked teachers how they plan to use ClassDojo for remote learning and they shared their best ideas!

Share activities with students

Share activities that students can respond to from home via video, photo, journal entry, or drawing.

Get students connected

best365体育投注appSimply print and share a class code or individual codes, so students can easily log in from home!

Watch our remote learning webinar

Join Caitlin, a former teacher now on the ClassDojo team, as she shares how to transition your in-person classroom community into a remote learning community on ClassDojo.

Watch webinar (30 mins)

New to ClassDojo?

best365体育投注appSet up your teacher account, and get students and families connected in minutes

Join the community

Join ClassDojo teachers around the world sharing advice and helping each other out!

best365体育投注appWe’re here to help

Find quick answers to your questions. Plus, we’re only an email away!

Schools and Districts

best365体育投注appKeep your whole school community connected, engaged and learning remotely, wherever they are 🙌🏼

Your school-wide plan

best365体育投注appGet your entire school community connected by lunchtime! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide.

Remote learning on ClassDojo

Send direct messages to families, share lessons or announcements, and assign classwork to students.

Need a hand?

best365体育投注appWe’re here for you! Check out our Helpdesk, or drop us a line if you need help getting your whole school set up.

We’re serious about privacy

best365体育投注appWe work hard to keep your school community safe and secure. Learn more in our industry-leading Privacy Center.

Visit Privacy Center

Get your district connected

best365体育投注appWe'll help you make sure that every school leader, teacher, student, and family in your district can stay connected and keep learning in the event of closure.


Help your child stay connected to their classroom and keep learning at home 🏠

How kids log in from home

best365体育投注appKids can keep learning remotely by logging in to their class from any web or mobile device.

Remote learning on ClassDojo

Send direct messages to teachers, view lessons or announcements, and get activities for home.

Unlock ClassDojo Beyond School

best365体育投注appMaintain positivity and consistency at home by giving points, setting goals, and more.

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