Introducing student-led portfolios
best365体育投注appyour kids (and their parents) will love 😄

best365体育投注appStudents document and share their classwork

Amazingly simple to use for grades K-6

Parents will love your class (even more)

Make this year more delightful
for everyone ✨

Students love sharing their work

Students get encouragement from teachers and their parents for all their hard work 🤗

Parents only need one app this year

Teachers, parents, and students use the same free ClassDojo app to be part of the portfolio excitement

Keep classwork organized with ease

best365体育投注appCustomize folders to work for your class, like "Science" or "Exit tickets"

Teachers are always in control

Teachers must approve items that students
best365体育投注apppost before they are shared home to parents

Only a child's parents see work

Parents only see their child's work, making
Portfolios a safe place to get positive
feedback from their teachers and their

Parents get to see their child's work in the ClassDojo app

Parents can only see their own child's classwork. They can also message with you, and receive all your updates on Class Story.

Just ONE app for parents to get this school year :)

It’s the ultimate bundle for parents - instant messaging, photos and updates from class, and seeing their child's digital portfolio.

100% FREE for teachers, parents, students, principals, puppies, cats, ponies… forever.

Students will say, "Wow — so easy, and so awesome!"

Perfect for 1:1 and shared device classrooms


No need to remember usernames or passwords - students log in by scanning a class QR code


Students (or teachers) choose how work is submitted. Take photos, record videos, write journal entries, and more!


best365体育投注appOnce teachers approve student-submitted work, parents get to add encouragement on their child's portfolio!

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Three reasons I fell in love with ClassDojo Portfolios

I’ve used ClassDojo the last five years on a nearly daily basis. What started as a simple way to give encouragement to students has now turned into my favorite classroom app for keeping families engaged. I used Student Stories last year (the older version of student digital portfolios), but when you invited me to try Portfolios on ClassDojo a few weeks ago, I knew it’d be one of the most important additions to my classroom. Here are three reasons I fell in love with your digital portfolios for kids:

#1: So easy to connect with parents!
I had already been using Class Story on ClassDojo to share announcement with parents, but parents always want to know what their child is doing and learning. Portfolios means all 22 of my kindergarteners can take a quick moment and do just that. They can snap a photo or video of the project we did in class, and parents get to see it from wherever they are on the ClassDojo app instantly.

#2: Kids love it!
best365体育投注appPortfolios are really fun for kids to use, especially in elementary school. I continue to be surprised by the smiles I see from them each and every time they take out their classroom devices (we use iPads). The new drawing tools are amazing, but even just taking photos of classroom work has been delightful for them. They always ask, “Miss Jones, can we share this on our portfolio?” They love showing off for their parents — what kid wouldn’t?

#3: Super easy to use for my kinders
I was worried that logging into ClassDojo would be tough for five year olds, but ClassDojo was right: it’s super simple. I printed out the class QR code, taped it up in my class, and the kids knew exactly what to do. They opened the ClassDojo app on their iPads, tapped “Login as a student” and then scanned the code!

best365体育投注appI’m so happy to have tried your digital portfolios for students, because it’s making my life easier, my kids’ time in class more fun, and their parents more delighted to be part of our classroom community.

best365体育投注appThanks again, ClassDojo!

Miss Jones
Kindergarten teacher

Toolkit with Portfolios!? This is amazing.

Hi ClassDojo Team!!

WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS KIND OF LOVE!? Last year you came out with Toolkit, which was pretty mind blowing to my class. I mean, I use your classroom directions appbest365体育投注app to start pretty much every day with my class. But now you have digital portfolios for students? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Okay, so now that my students have a digital portfolio app, I didn’t think I’d say this, but my life as a teacher is getting a bit easier!! Now, I use the Directions Toolkit app to put up a “Daily reflection” activity, then kids log into ClassDojo on their Chromebooks and use the Journal tool to write down their reflection. Oh, I also use the classroom timer to make sure they don’t take longer than 5 minutes. After I approve it, I love waiting to see how parents respond back in the comments to me and their child! Super, super fun!

best365体育投注appThank you, thank you, ClassDojo! Where do I send the check for all of this? Wait, it’s free!? Mind. Blown.

Geri T.
4th grade teacher

How we use Portfolios every day

Hi ClassDojo team,

best365体育投注appSince you invited me to try Portfolios, I thought you might be interested in how kids are doing with the digital portfolio app and what they think of it.

Kids are loving the fact they can share their classwork with parents and guardians. It brings them so much joy, but it also means they try a lot harder on their work because they know someone at home will see it.

best365体育投注appParents have already reached out to let me know they are thankful to only use one app to connect with our classroom this year. Last year, we used a different digital portfolio for students, but parents and I were juggling two different apps. So I’m very happy just having one app to communicate and share classwork with parents this year.

best365体育投注appMy class is really happy with the variety of ways they can post or create their work. Sometimes it’s as easy as taking a photo of a worksheet from class, or app smashing with other apps, but other times they are creating drawings on the student digital portfolio to demonstrate their understanding of a topic. This week they made a drawing of what they want to be when they grow up. They had a lot of fun doing it, and for me it was really easy to review each student’s drawing on my commute home and approve it so that parents could see it.

I’m very appreciative of the new digital portfolio for students that you all have created. I am looking forward to seeing what you do next.

My best,

Jessica L.
best365体育投注app2nd grade teacher

Get excited :)

Get ready for student-led, digital portfolios
your kids (and their parents) will love ❤️